An Offering to the Community

Approved by the congregation in Fall 2022, First Baptist Church Greensboro seeks to provide INSPIRO as a long-term offering to the community. Through INSPIRO, First Baptist will utilize its building, staff, and financial resources to foster community intersection through choral music. At this intersection, youth of all classes, cultures, races, religions, abilities, and identities will be welcomed exactly as they are. INSPIRO is not a Baptist choir. It is not a Christian choir. It is a choir for the full richness of diversity in the Triad.

“At this intersection, youth of all classes, cultures, races, religions, abilities, and identities are welcomed exactly as they are.”

First Baptist seeks to honor and embolden choral engagement in schools, churches, and communities throughout the Triad. In an effort not to compete with other local choirs, leadership of INSPIRO will work with nearby choral directors in requiring all members of INSPIRO to maintain their usual commitments to school, church, and community choirs for which they are already involved (inability to take chorus at school does not exclude students from INSPIRO membership).

There are no strings attached to choir membership. First Baptist does not seek to gain church goers or financial resources in its offering of INSPIRO. As such, INSPIRO is not a Sunday morning choir. It is not a worship choir. It is not bound to sacred music but to all songs that inspire healing, unity, and change. INSPIRO members are not expected to attend worship or youth group at First Baptist. Singers are not expected to donate or tithe to the church. They are not expected to change or abandon their religion or system of belief. While First Baptist is a church that enjoys a rich tradition of study and prayer in its own worship services and classes, members of INSPIRO are not led in devotionals, bible studies, or prayers during any INSPIRO gatherings. All of these markers are made out of respect for the diversity of religion and beliefs First Baptist hopes to make welcome at this community intersection.

First Baptist Greensboro has a rich history of intergenerational choral music, cantatas, and choir tours which are testimony to its congregation’s belief in group singing. It is with this musical conviction, belief in common ground, and calling to serve one’s neighbors, that First Baptist offers INSPIRO to the community. To learn more about First Baptist’s history, beliefs, and commitments to music and community, visit their website at

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