Vision and Values


A vital community of high school singers wholly-inviting and accessible to the full richness of diversity in Greensboro and the Triad. A group that champions high-quality choral music and affirms youth of all identities exactly as they are. A group that bridges the divides of class, culture, race, religion, and ability. A choir that inspires Greensboro and beyond to healing, unity, and change.


A 9th-12th grade youth choir for Greensboro and the Triad singing high-quality choral music and building community that is fully-welcoming and accessible to all.



Membership is open to all who display a commitment and willingness to learn and grow. Finances are never a barrier. Transportation, weekly meals, and scholarships are available for all in need. All rehearsal and performance facilities are handicap accessible.


We prize performing music that represents the fullness of our membership and beyond, spanning a repertoire diverse in style, tradition, and compositional demographics.


At this intersection, we hold high listening, empathy, and wonder – and accept nothing less. Individuals of all identities, religious beliefs, races, classes, cultures, and abilities are wholly welcomed and affirmed here.


With our outstanding music instruction, local music connections, and culturally expansive repertoire, we provide uniquely excellent opportunities for student growth in musicianship, professional network, and world view.


In every aspect of what we do, from our first note onward, we believe in the pursuit of excellence.

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