About the Choir

~60 High schoolers

August 2023 – May 2024

Sundays, 3-4pm

First Baptist Greensboro

Repertoire from traditional to contemporary. Perform at local events and concerts.

Sliding-scale tuition $0-$250. Transportation to be available.

Sign up for your voicing today! Deadline March 18, 2023.


Individuals of all identities, religious beliefs, races, classes, cultures, and abilities are wholly welcomed and affirmed, not just tolerated. We are committed to making sure no one is left out, no one is marginalized, and “All are welcome.”


We know no one here has all the answers. We know no one’s perspective is complete. And, we know how much we can learn from new people, new cultures, and new music when we can make the honest claim that, “We are open-minded.”


We listen to each other; we sing for healing. We empathize with one another; we sing for unity. We approach new things with wonder; we sing for change. It’s true in our relationships and our songs — “We strive for compassion.”


We are diligent in our learning. We are present in our rehearsing. We are un-yielding in our performing. Because when it comes down to it, we know our very best only comes when we can all say, “We are committed.”


We work in rehearsal, and enjoy the work. We move quickly, and enjoy the process. We make progress, and stop to celebrate it. It’s part of who we are. We enjoy singing; we enjoy each other — “We delight in what we do.”


First note of rehearsal? We sing it with energy. Taking the stage? We take it with dignity. Last song of the season? We perform it meticulously. We work; we move quickly; we make progress — “We pursue excellence.”


SUNDAYS, 3-4pm

August 2023 – May 2024

First Baptist Church Greensboro

1000 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC 27401


All rehearsals are hosted at First Baptist Greensboro, who offers this multi-belief youth choir to the community. The excellent rehearsal spaces and instruments therein add immense depth to the quality of each rehearsal. The chapel and sanctuary have some of the best acoustics for choral singing to be found in the Triad. Between the choir room, fellowship hall, chapel, and sanctuary, the number of excellent spaces available not only allows exceptional full group singing, but productive sectionals as well. All rehearsal spaces are accessible by ramp or elevator.


Our regularly tuned, well-kept pianos add to the effectiveness of each rehearsal. These Kawai, Steinway, and Baldwin instruments are capable of supporting ensembles with excellent tone and dynamic range, especially when occupied by our talented INSPIRO accompanists.



INSPIRO performs throughout Greensboro and the Triad. Throughout the year, INSPIRO takes part in 3 major choral performances, and 3-5 additionally performing opportunities. Each season, INSPIRO will perform alone and in collaboration with high level musicians and ensembles such as university choirs, professional ensembles, and established artists near and far.


INSPIRO performance venues range from university campuses to the stadiums of Greensboro Grashoppers and Greensboro Swarm to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and to churches and concert halls with some of the most stunning acoustics in the Triad.


INSPIRO’s 2023-2024 season runs August-May. Major events take place in early December, late February/early March, and early May. Additional opportunities take place during the months in between. While days of the week may vary for each performance, most will fall on the weekend. More information on INSPIRO’s inaugural season will be coming soon!



INSPIRO’s sliding scale tuition makes it possible for everyone to join, regardless of financial status. If you do not have regular access to transportation, please notify us on your INSPIRO registration. All INSPIRO rehearsal and performance venues are handicap accessible. We are in the process of partnering with organizations in all parts of Guilford County to provide transportation to and from all weekly rehearsals and events.


Rehearsals and events are made possible in part by our outstanding team of adult leaders — all equipped with music degrees or comparable experience in choral music. This team of adult leaders is supplemented further by the support of student interns from local universities including UNC Greensboro and NC A&T. Combined, these leaders offer broad support, ranging from section-leadership to keyboard-accompaniment to 1-1 student support when needed..


All adult and collegiate leaders supporting INSPIRO have passed a background check.

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